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Powerful trading tools, one APP for trading Hong Kong stocks, US stocks, Hong Kong and global futures, and foreign exchange

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Stock and futures exchange transactions are smooth and smooth

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Intelligent AI in-depth analysis

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  • One-stop smart stock and futures trading platform, giving you the ultimate smooth trading experience
  • Covering multiple markets, trading various products, and powerful analysis tools
  • Safe and stable, with comprehensive functions to help you capture every rising wave

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KAIHER helps you easily grasp every investment opportunity

Intelligent AI in-depth analysis

  • All-weather intelligent AI calculation + in-depth analysis by experts
  • Intelligent stock diagnosis, intelligent stock selection, and daily golden stocks are all multi-functional to help you accurately select stocks in an all-round way.
AI intelligent investment

Safe and reliable with multiple licenses issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission

Obtained Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 9 regulated activity licenses from the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong (CE No.: BHT550), and is also a participant of the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (02047) (OTP-C Brokerage Code: 0974 and 0977 )

Market certification, strong and trustworthy

iMoney Intelligence Magazine

Zhifu Brand and Enterprise Awards 2021 - Best FinTech Securities Firm

iMoney Intelligence Magazine

Zhifu Brand and Enterprise Awards 2021 - Best FinTech Securities Firm

Securities Times

Hong Kong All-round Securities Broker Junding Award

ifeng.com Finance and ifeng.com Hong Kong Stocks

Financial Institution Value List Kingo Award - Best Comprehensive Service Award


China Securities Company (Hong Kong Stocks) Outstanding Brand Award and Outstanding Customer Service Award

Why choose KAIHER

One-stop transaction

Account opening, deposits, stock futures and foreign exchange transactions all in one APP

Powerful trading system

Self-developed system, safe and stable, extremely fast transactions

AI intelligent investment

Combined with all-round data, we use intelligent algorithms to analyze the market stocks for you.

Expert team considerate service

A team of star analysts will guide you with years of practical experience

Extremely low cost and transparent fees

The interest commission is extremely low, the fees are clear and transparent, and there are no hidden fees

Safe and reliable

A licensed brokerage with independent custody of client funds and fully encrypted account information.

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